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The Muscle Ministry PUMPcast Show features Buff Berean Evangeltainment and interviews on crucial topics in these last Laodicean days. The MISSION: To encourage and edify other Jesus followers to grow in their faith with serious #GODgainz AND to equip + empower Christian athletes to give a cogent Christ-centered defense for the hope within them [1st Peter 3:15]! PLAY THE LATEST SHOW ABOVE!


FLEX YOUR FAITH is an athletic Christian clothier and health consultation company encouraging men and women to build their Eternal Temples by glorifying God, while improving their physical temples [1 Cor 6:19] by living a healthy lifestyle. Join the Muscle Ministry Movement by showing-off your Saviour Squad Swag and strengthening your testimony [Psalm 19:7]. God provides strength for VICTORY in this life [1 Chron 29:11] and the perfect plan of salvation [Psalm 62:7] for VICTORY in the next (we'll keep you looking awesome in this one) Wear your Saviour on your sleeve! 

If your Testimony is stronger than your bench press, more powerful than your vertical, or more exciting thank your PR on the 100m sprint...You're an ATHLETIC APOSTLE! At FLEX YOUR FAITH our talented and passionate SAVIOUR SQUAD is made of Christian athletes that get as pumped for God as they do in the gym! Want to join the FYF MUSCLE MINISTRY MOVEMENT while wearing the sweetest swag? Check out Apostles' Bios + Apply to join our GOD SQUAD. Receive custom clothing, permanent discounts, and referral revenue while Flexing Your Faith! Applicants must be saved and have a salvation testimony.

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The FLEX YOUR FAITH Saviour Squad Swag  Collection is an exclusive line of top-flight athletic lifestyle clothing and accessories. Be an ATHLETIC APOSTLE with our Saviour inspired designs, from jerseys to jackets and crew-necks to can literally Wear your Saviour on your sleeve (after all, he wore a crown of thorns AND our sins). Run the race with PASSION [Heb 12:1], Finish with POWER [Acts 20:24], Live with bold PURPOSE [Rom 8:28], on the field, in the gym, and around the track!

If you have something on your mind or heart, we want to know! If you'd like to apply to be a FYF ATHLETIC APOSTLE, request information on WHOLESALE OPPORTUNITIES, or RESERVE A DATE for a special Speaking Engagement and Seminar by our Team, we're looking forward to hearing from you. *Custom clothing orders for Teams / Churches / Gyms, or pre-purchase Consultations for Meal Planning and Personal Training can also be requested on our Contact Us page!

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Your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, which is in you! [1 Cor 6:19] We serve an amazing Saviour who created every one of our cells to fulfill a powerful purpose in His eternal kingdom. At FLEX YOUR FAITH we celebrate all things Victorious and Glorious. We were created for fellowship with Him and each other, but we can't fulfill our destiny if we don't have the STRENGTH to boldly and confidently run the race set before us. We create unique and effective meal plans, workout routines, and personal training sessions individually or corporately. Take care of your Physical Temple and live with POWER, PURPOSE, and PASSION!


The FLEX YOUR FAITH Mission and Vision revolves around serving a risen Saviour in a fallen world - with POWER, PURPOSE, AND PASSION. It's exciting to be a Christian, and rewarding to take the best possible care of our bodies (Physical Temples) that God creatively designed and leases to us. At FYF we're all about balance and boldness; LIFE IN ORDER - Saviour | Spouse | Squad. Our line of APOSTLE APPAREL reflects the uniqueness and character we were created with. Look super-fly and perform at your best in this life while looking forward to the next! At FYF 10% OF ALL PROFITS go toward local+global ministry! [Lev 27:32]


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We're JACKED FOR JESUS and always looking for open doors and Godportunities to help others build their bodies AND eternity. Book Aaron & Sarah, founders of FLEX YOUR FAITH, for a Special Seminar at your gym, church, school, business, radio station, university, Bible study group, company retreat or team outing. Enjoy a customized presentation including a Live Health & Wellness Q&A and uplifting message about the POWER of GOD'S PURPOSE. You can also catch up with FYF at Fitness Expos and trade shows around Ohio, spreading the good news of salvation AND their newest APOSTLE APPAREL clothing designs!


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God is always on the move, and so are we! Keep pace with the Ministry Movement by checking out our BUFF BLOG. Read up on New Product Announcements and Exclusive Limited Edition Apparel Designs. We'll also let you know where we've been and where we'll be, so you can join in the fun and be a fellow-flexer in our mission. Everything from scripture snippets, nutrition tips, supplement reviews, and cutting-edge research updates is just waiting for you to enjoy. If you'd like to be a BUFF BLOG Contributor or have an idea for an article, let us know on our Contact Us page. Follow us on Instagram too!

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