At FLEX YOUR FAITH we're all about The 3 E's of physical AND spiritual fitness: Encouraging, Empowering, and Exalting! When it comes to the perfect plan from the perfect Playbook, Jesus makes it clear we're meant to lead a life engaged in the activity of building fellow believers, creating like-minded Christ followers through the plan of salvation and discipleship -- Reproducing reproducers for the glory of the King and His Kingdom! When it comes to developing, maintaining, and perhaps refurbishing your PHYSICAL TEMPLE, it's no different. We don't want to create eternally dependent athletes who need our expertise at every turn, we want to share the wisdom we've earned from years of applied science, anecdotal experience, close relationships with professional athletes, and formal education in the art and biochemistry of building a better body! We'll teach you our methods, so you can lead a prosperous life of physical freedom with the body God's loaned to us! 


Proper nutrition is THE key to unlocking your true potential - it's importance and impact cannot be overstated or exaggerated. You have goals--very specific goals--requiring nothing less than specific and specialized planning uniquely tailored to your vision, metabolism, allergies, activity level, and age. The reason you've become discouraged over the months and years with your lack of progress, is because you never adhered to a strategic plan of execution that provided rapid AND sustained results. Meaningful, measurable results. Just like our Christian spirit can become stagnant and unmotivated, your reliance upon changing trends, dated magazine articles, guesswork, and halfhearted efforts...have returned no rewards, leaving you stagnate and unmotivated. With the FYF programs below, your momentum will quickly be generated thanks to our valid research, individual approach, repeatedly verified scientific methods, and years of proven established success with clients from around the world!


  • 7 Days of Detailed Meals

  • Standard Client FLEXtionnaire

  • 10% OFF Upgrade Packages upon Completion

John 6 tells of Jesus's ability to satisfy our hunger forever, because He is that "Bread of Life." Bread represents our fundamental nutritive source, but at FLEX YOUR FAITH we go beyond the basics. New Flexers sometimes start their physical temple transformation here, and graduate to our enhanced packages below once they're accustomed to our methods and experience the rapid, read results!


  • 14 Days of Detailed Meals + Macros

  • Enhanced Client FLEXtionnaire

  • 15% OFF Upgrade Packages upon Completion

Luke 4:4 makes it clear that man should not live by bread alone. Build (or rebuild) YOUR physical temple with our more comprehensive LIVING WATER Package. In John 7:38 Jesus talks about His ability to provide us with thirst quenching LIVING WATER that will satisfy us for eternity. At FLEX YOUR FAITH our mission is about more than muscle, it's about the ministry of power and progress in your athletic AND Christian life!


  • 30 Days of Detailed Meals + 2 Week Macro Readjustment

  • Platinum Client FLEXtionnaire

  • 20% OFF "FYF SYSTEM" upon Completion

John 21 details the amazing account of Jesus's resurrection and reunification with the disciples. He supplied their needs with bread and fish. Our L&F Package represents the the most detailed Nutritional Protocol available at FYF for someone looking to resurrect their physical temple with profound precision. Our individualized blueprint provides a dynamic diagram of macro-nutrients, meal timing, and a midway protocol readjustment to carefully calibrate and PUMP-UP your progress!


1st Corinthians 6:19, one of our foundational verses at FLEX YOUR FAITH, explains that our bodies are not our own. We've been entrusted with what the Bible calls our "Temples," which is why we're so passionate about building and maintaining our Physical Temples. A temple is a place of worship and remembrance, so worship God through responsible care and upkeep of your body, and remember that we've been called to serve a purpose in His kingdom as a Christian Soldier. Be ready to fulfill His call and achieve athletic victory in this life, through the perfect harmony of physical and spiritual fitness. At FLEX YOUR FAITH we live to serve, teach, and help others to walk, run, lift, and live POWERFULLY. With decades of combined experience, unsurpassed individual attention, and an established track record of transforming male and female physiques of all types, ages, and goals. Our strategic system of training empowers clients through education. Lose weight, increase flexibility, gain muscle, and accomplish rapid results with a dependable professional training expert devoted to your you can lead a capable and contagious life of Godfidence!


  • 7 Days of Detailed / Gender Specific Workouts

  • Standard Client FLEXtionnaire

  • 10% OFF Enhanced Packages below upon Completion

1st Timothy explains how in God's eternal perspective, bodily exercise profits little, our focus should be on exercising kindness more than our bodies. God wasn't dissuading us from being good stewards of our physical temples, He was encouraging us to build a balance in our pursuits of earthy and heavenly rewards. Our training programs are energetically effective, just like our perfect Playbook (Bible) inspires your spiritual hope, our P&P Package enriches your physical health


  • 14 Days of Detailed / Gender + Goal-Specific Workouts

  • Enhanced Client FLEXtionnaire

  • 15% OFF "MIGHTY MUSCLE MAKOVER" Package upon Completion

Jeremiah 9:24 gives us a glimpse into God's heart, showing us His focus on the traits of kindness and love, and how much He delights in exercising those Godly characteristics in our lives. Like ANYTHING we desire to enrich or reap...we must EXERCISE ourselves. Godly thoughts and habits grow into our actions and ultimately our Testimony. Build a living testimony of health, be a trustworthy keeper of the body God created for your spirit to indwell, and get FLEXED! [GOAL SPECIFIC]


  • 30 Days of Detailed / Gender + Goal-Specific Workouts

  • Platinum Client FLEXtionnaire

  • 20% OFF "FYF SYSTEM" upon Completion

A strong start is the best way to ensure a strong finish, setting the tone for what's to come. Genesis is the starting point for God's Word and all it's teachings -- in chapter 49 we're given a picture of the Holy Spirit inspiring strength in our hands and arms. God places emphasis on being strong, after all He is the Rock of our Salvation and the Stone of Israel...a "Mighty" God. Our MIGHTY MUSCLE Package provides the goal-specific, personally tailored blueprint to reveal your best body yet!


Proverbs 11:14 makes it very clear...where there is no council the people fall. Don't fall short of your goals and don't fail to realize your Victory. Oftentimes our clients are one or two small adjustments away from getting on track (or back on track). If your best laid plans have been derailed by looming questions, a fork in the fitness road, conflicting information, or worse of all misinformation from someone unqualified to study your Vision and suggest a strategy of execution: FLEX YOUR FAITH Consultancy Services can produce what you seek most -- PROGRESS! Our lifelong devotion toward absorbing and acting upon tried and true methods, cutting edge emerging science, and full time focus on advising our flexers with outrageously effective advice is what separates your hard work from being in vain, to producing results that are insane!  


  • (5) Email Questions with accompanying Preferred Response

  • Standard Client FLEXtionnaire with (1) FLEX FUEL Bonus 

  • 10% OFF Enhanced Consultancy Packages below

The Bible is our perfect Playbook for life, and speaks volumes on how critical the pursuit for and blessing of wisdom is. Proverbs is known for instilling wisdom, but a lesser known jewel exists in 1 Corinthians 14, encouraging us to LEARN, and as a result of our newfound knowledge we find comfort! With FLEX YOUR FAITH Advisers, you receive 72hr Priority Response to 5 of your most pressing, vexing, and progress polluting questions, with great detail and scientific citations where applicable. Capitalize on our years working with clients across the globe, and keeping our noses buried in science journals! As an added Bonus our EMAIL LEARNER Package comes with a client review, studying your past and future goals,creating a detailed supplemental suggestion to pump up your results, called FLEX FUEL!


  • (5) Email Questions with accompanying Rapid Response

  • 30 Minutes of LIVE CHAT Follow Up Discussion

  • Enhanced Client FLEXtionnaire with (2) FLEX FUEL Bonuses

  • 15% OFF Video [or] Personal Consultation below

Titus three promotes learning to maintain good habits for necessary uses, so our work will not be wasted. If you've ever felt like you're investing 100% at the gym, on the treadmill, or in the kitchen, but receive under-performing dividends and sweat equity in return...stop gambling with the market of your goals, and put your stock in FLEX YOUR FAITH. Our Chat + Email hybrid Package pairs the detailed nature of email consultation with the real-time follow up consultation to connect the dots and get you where you want to be: MOVING FORWARD. Enjoy 48hr Rapid Response, plus another layer to our FLEX FUEL Bonus where we custom design TWO unique strategies based on your goals, and finally a real-time chat session to review and solidify your program's POWER!


Our God is a personal Saviour who designed us for fellowship with him and ultimately with one another. There's a difference between knowing about Jesus, and knowing who Jesus is. The personal connection is when your Christian life begins to take shape, much like personal training is usually when your physique takes shape. There's a huge divide between intellectual knowledge and practical experience. If you're a Northeast Ohio resident, FLEX YOUR FAITH will provide in-person consultations or for the rest of the globe video chat sessions to gain a thorough understanding of your ambitions and best strategy to give you precise advice on achieving profound results. You'll also be given 24hr INSTA-Response priority, and a full THREE FLEX FUEL assays with personally devised paradigms to accomplish your Vision!

  • (5) Email Questions with accompanying INSTA-Response

  • 30 Minutes of IN-PERSON [or] VIDEO CHAT Discussion

  • Platinum Client FLEXtionnaire with (3) FLEX FUEL Bonuses

  • 20% OFF "FYF SYSTEM" below



Combines ALL aspects of nutrition prep, professional training, and consultancy services into one unparalleled FLEX SYSTEM Package


  • Daily Email Access with accompanying INSTA-Access

  • 30 Minutes of IN-PERSON [or] VIDEO CHAT Discussion PER WEEK

  • Platinum Client FLEXtionnaire with (3) FLEX FUEL Bonuses

  • 30 Days of Detailed / Gender + Goal-Specific Workouts

  • 30 Days of Detailed Meals + WEEKLY Nutra-Macro Readjustment

Get FLEXED with our Exclusive & Limited FLEX SYSTEM. Combining every critical component of total health and wellness, this program is ideal for someone intent on changing their life, not merely their body. Contest prep athletes involved in bodybuilding, figure, physique, bikini, or fitness competitions, professional models preparing for a photo-shoot, actors assigned to character transformations, or dramatic weight-loss candidates aspiring to shed upwards of 100 pounds of body-weight in an utra-effective efficient manner -- THE FYF SYSTEM IS FOR YOU. By combining every muscular method above with customized surgical strategy, a comprehensive living blueprint will be drafted after gathering detailed information of your athletic history and goal timelines. Your plan will be constantly changing with weekly revisions to maintain pace with your metabolism, and you will have constant INSTA-Access via email, text messaging, and weekly video chat reviews!

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