HOW do YOU FLEX YOUR FAITH? Lead a Life of Spiritual AND Physical FITNESS!

June 1, 2017

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What's up FLEX FAM? 


It's exciting to start a new BUFFblog! It starts with a thought which becomes an idea and ultimately...inspiration. Our relationship with God is a personal journey, it requires a lot of devotion and discipline - with enJOYable (and eternal) results every time. God promises His Word never returns void, a powerful promise. Just like we flex our flesh in the gym and on the treadmill in the morning, we're called and encouraged to seek Him early and be single-minded about our path and purpose. If we take footsteps today that will leave Godly footprints tomorrow...we've fulfilled our mission!

Here's three simple ways to FLEX YOUR FAITH every day

    Not as in "LOOKOUT, there's a tidal wave headed straight for us!" But rather, always be on the LOOKOUT for GODportunities. Everywhere you go is YOUR Mission Field! What types of battle strategies do you have in place? Are you ready to suit-up and jump off the bench when God blows the whistle and waves you in? STAY prepared so you never have to get prepared. Have a tract + testimony ready soldier! 

  2. QUIT IT!
    One of the only things you should doubting yourself! Witnessing can be an intimidating responsibility. Quit doubting your words and wisdom, because the truth is the only REAL wisdom comes from above. When it's crunch time and you have the open door to share the Gospel with someone - you've got the Creator of the universe spotting you! [PICTURED ABOVE: Athletic Apostle Jaret HERE]

  3. GET JACKED! don't need 20'' biceps to share the life-changing power of Jesus's resurrection! We mean get JACKED FOR JESUS! The first rule of influencing others is having the ability to transfer your belief. There's a strong positive signature of energy when someone believes in and is convicted about, what they're sharing. For example, ask someone (in love, LOL) to describe their first date, honeymoon, or engagement story and watch their eyes light up and their story take off! It's the same with Jesus. Be sincere, authentic, and EXCITED about taking what God has given you, and passing it along to someone else

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 when it comes to FLEXING YOUR FAITH! The best "side-effect" of wearing your FYF Saviour Swag is that it speaks a strong (yet silent) testimony to the world. Many times I've been approached by strangers in public asking about the logo, and what it's all about. Conversations have been started that would have never happened - all because when God opens a door, no one can close it.




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Let's GrOw our FLEX FAM of Believers & Athletic Apostles to reach the lost world by Running the Good Race for our eternal prize that awaits (Hebrews 12:1). Follow us above and share your stories/testimonies, ask questions (we'll always answer) and hash-tag us in your new gear. As Christians, we lead an exciting victorious life, so GET YOUR FLEX ON and Wear Your Saviour on Your Sleeve!


Have Questions, Want to say What's Up, or become an FYF ATHLETIC APOSTLE? Email us anytime about anything! Please pray for us and keep fighting the good fight...


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