October 16, 2017

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When it comes to leading a High Prayformance lifestyle, the best way is to have a HIGH DEF VISION, FIRST!

What's up FLEX FAM? Today's Buff Blog is all about adding clarity to our vision. With our newest release from the #FitnessHD Collection, we thought it was high time to sharpen the iron and encourage others to define their calling as they walk with the Lord...


Habakkuk 2:2 - And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the VISION, and make it plain...that he may RUN that readeth it

Proverbs 29:18 - Where there is no VISION, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, HAPPY is he


Ever hear of the “Runner’s high?” It’s a euphoric feeling that comes from the body thanking us for treating it so good with a wonderful rush of energizing endorphins as the scenery blurs past us running the good race of this life striving to finish in FIRST PLACE [Hebrews 12:1 & 1 Corinthians 9:24] 

God places a lot of emphasis on exercising our mind, body, and spirit to achieve victory in this life AND the next. If you’re not PUMPED UP to be a Christian, check your pulse! Our new Collection of FITNESS HD apparel for men and women is all about having a CLEAR VISION of God’s will in your life, and pursuing that purpose with power.


Speaking of running and happiness, we’re super stoked to officially release our new sleeveless "Ladies FITNESS HD Teal Tank" for your wearing, running, witnessing and FLEXING PLEASURE! We’ve joined forces at FLEX YOUR FAITH with Faith & Fitness Magazine, partnering to further God’s kingdom and provide EXCLUSIVE releases for their cover models, subscribers, and Christian athletes across America! This new FYF WitnessWear release was developed in collaboration with publisher and editor Brad Bloom, who just released the November 2017 issue of F&F Mag all about LEADING A HIGH-DEF LIFESTYLE with clarity in your Vision to serve the Saviour and attack your earthly ambitions of health and success with all out intensity! 


Please follow our friends at Faith & Fitness Magazine for informative INSPIRATION NOW at:

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  • Check out YouTube from over the years, get started HERE with Shawn Maves, Mr. Ontario!

  • You can also get Shawn's cover-shoot apparel custom created in your size HERE (Hoodie, below) and HERE (Lime Green tank-top, bottom right at the end of this blog)

Our new FITNESS HD design like every other release we've developed, goes far beyond the apparel. There's a message, and it's personal. You see, we're always going to be a billboard for something or someone - especially in today's interconnected world of snaps, grams, and live broadcasts. When we founded FYF we did so with a clear Vision called our "Muscular Ministry" to pump up Christian athletes, equipping and empowering them with the education to exalt their Creator. If we're going to be a billboard, meaning we live out our testimonies and character on the world stage (good or bad) we CAN determine to build a legacy of daily choices that glorify God, engaging in whatever ways we can to build up His Kingdom while building up our physical temples.


Over at Faith & Fitness Magazine, Brad and company have a very similar mission: Building Physical & Spiritual StrengthSounds familiar, huh? One of the most effective ways to grow in Christ is to surround yourself with like minded Believers (just like the best way to grow new muscle, is to commit to meeting with a workout partner who shares the same goals). The parallels are EVERYWHERE.


You'll often hear us talk about getting Jacked for Jesus, in fact that was one of our very first designs shortly after founding FLEX YOUR FAITH. Sure pumping iron is fun, but pumping up our spiritual strength pays off with eternal dividends! Our Saviour is a good Father who wants us to have the victory now AND in eternity, so whether you’re sprinting toward a literal finish line, heading to the yoga studio to release the day's pressure and pent up frustration, or just want to be a light in a dark world, get GODfident in your calling and train yourself to always run to the cross!


This new FITNESS HD design like ALL our Saviour Swag, boldly proclaims that you're not just a Christian by name or because you go to church...but that you're taking an ACTIVE and DELIBERATE part in being an athletic apostle always ready for GODportunities to share your joy from Jesus. We always tell our customers to be ready to put "FAITH OVER FEAR" into motion, because anywhere you swag in your new WitnessWear people get curious, and they'll approach you. God requires that we're always ready to give an answer to what we believe [1 Peter 3:15] As much as our gym gear is ActiveWear, we're always emphasizing the WITNESS WEAR portion which goes far beyond mere "Christian clothing." Before you can impact the world for Jesus you have to get inspired and encouraged personally, only THEN can you encourage others to live out their Testimony. Every rep counts in the gym just like every soul counts toward eternity! [Mark 16:15]


You’re called to be an ATHLETIC APOSTLE
Perhaps more than anything, our apparel allows athletes to tell the world about the Saviour who loves them, while doing what they love! Our spiritual gifts are no different than our physical talents and abilities...THEY BOTH (like all things) come directly from God. So be a full exercised and well rounded athlete!


We want to thank the staff at Faith & Fitness Magazine for allowing us to serve a role in helping their readers answer God's calling by creating #faithfitnesshd releases as part of our FAITH Fashion Collection. AND HEY YOU, don't forget to click over to F&F Mag’s website, ok? OK!?

We hope you were able to take one or two powerful points from today's Buff Blog (hey, is that where Microsoft got the name for PowerPoint?), because the whole point with having a personal Saviour is having a personal relationship with Him! Our final thought for the theme of FITNESS HD and creating a HIGH DEFINITION lifestyle, is to seek Christ EARLY [Proverbs 8:17], putting the same emphasis and quality of heart and mind into His book as we do into our training journal. Often times there's a critical imbalance in our lives, and until we train ourselves to keep our eyes upon Jesus, we'll be ineffective in our mission to point others toward Him. Until next time GOD SQUAD, Armour Up and MARCH ONWARD Christian Soldier! [Eph. 6]




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