IX-Center & Cleveland Clinic Get Fit Expo Debuts this December 2017, featuring the Nations First All-Indoor 3-Level Race, Rogue Fitness Winter Classic in Association with CrossFit, and SO MUCH MORE!

October 31, 2017

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Lisa Reau - Show Manager of the Cleveland's IX-Center Get Fit Healthy Living Exposhares the deets on the December 2-3 AMAZING Event...


Happy Halloween, FLEXers! Today's BUFFblog is a special feature about a unique event, masterminded by a talented person. We're calling these our "Better Business Bios," which you're familiar with from our #FLEXurFAITH Instagram account. As always we're PUMPED to share BIG NEWS from around the fitness industry. Today's special feature comes direct from "The Land" aka: Cleveland, right here in tropical northeast Ohio...SO RIGHT ON, and READ ON!


At FLEX YOUR FAITH ActiveWear & WitnessWear we're always on the lookout for fun, powerful, informative and creative content to share with our faith fam. Our special on this blustery Halloween 2017 (hey, that rhymed) is ESPECIALLY exciting, because it combines all the elements-of-awesome into one pot of super soup. INGREDIENTS: A generous helping of Ohio, handfuls of fitness, and a perfect assortment of spices for everyone - from cheer leading contests and dog shows, to Rogue CrossFit Winter Classic Competitions and America's FIRST all indoor 5k and 10k running events (sans stairs)! 


[Be on the lookout for MANY more interviews and specials coming on the FLEX YOUR FAITH BUFFblog,our YouTube channel and our FacebookInstagam Muscle Minute series. *We already have commitments from many top names and experts from across America, exclusively available HERE!]


FLEX YOUR FAITH Better Business Bio

Interview with Lisa Reau, Event Coordinator at Cleveland's IX-Center

Creator of the Get Fit Healthy Living Expo


FYF: What do you do at the IX-Center and when did you join their talented team?

LR: I began working at the I-X Center on February 1, 2010 as an intern for the Special Events department. Since then, they created an Event Coordinator position for me and I am now the Show Manager for the Cleveland Clinic Get Fit Expo.
(FYF Note: Awe yeah, from intern to having a new position created for her! We've had the GREAT privilege to meet and work with Lisa several times, it's obvious when you pair passion with purpose, AMAZING things happen)


FYF: How long has the upcoming Get Fit Healthy Living Expo been in the works? You mentioned its been something you've wanted to do for years

LR: I have been developing the Get Fit show concept and doing research for over five years. My passion for making a positive impact on other people’s lives, sharing my values and BELIEFS with others and love for planning large scale events came together at the perfect time in the perfect city!
FYF: What makes the Get Fit Expo unique and worth getting PUMPED about?

LR: It is going to be an amazing event with tons of interactive areas designed for persons of all ages and every fitness level. People can learn from industry experts about the importance of eating well, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and exercising. You can compete, watch live cooking demonstrations by famous chef's you usually only see on TV, participate in group workouts led by world class instructors, test out your skills at inflatable obstacle courses, like the Ninja Warrior, and so much more! There is a dedicated Fit Kids Zone at the Pavilion with many activities (like bubble soccer, Nerf wars, and Kid Ninja Warrior) to keep them going all day!

(FYF Note: Although that list sounds mind-blowing to anyone whose ever thought about losing a few pounds in their life, let alone ever touched a dumbbell, the IX-Center will be BRIMMING with the best of the best. Top athletes from the CrossFit Games, Logan Broadbent from American Ninja Warrior, executive chef Joshua Ingraham, top trainers like Harley Pasternak and more. Check out the GROWING list of celebrities HERE)

FYF: If someone wanted to participate as an athlete, runner, competitor, sponsor, or attendee...how would they find more info and what links can they use?

COMPETE + Conquer 

ATTEND the Cleveland Clinic IX-Center Get Fit Expo

If you'd like to GET INSPIRED, get the tickets below! This Healthy Living Expo is unlike any other, accessible to everyone from everywhere because the IX-Center's property literally touches the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport's property. A short drive if you live in Ohio, and within one day's drive from almost 1/3 of the nation, Cleveland has it all. We'd LOVE TO SEE YOU December 2nd and 3rd. Whether you're an athlete, cook, dog lover, or just want to get encouraged and educated by world renowned experts, chefs, and trainers...come see us!


SUPPORT + Sponsor as an IX-Center Get Fit Exhibitor

If you'd like to help define the vision as an inaugural supporter at the Get Fit Event by joining in the high-energy Healthy Living Expo inside one of earth's largest exposition centers hosted in one of its greatest cities...visit the link below! You'll have the unprecedented opportunity to showcase your business in front of thousands of attendees, athletes, and customers under the same roof as the world famous Cleveland International Auto Show, all while supporting the community and boosting your brand's recognition as a powerful leader in your industry... http://www.ixgetfit.com/exhibit/

FYF: Lastly, what are you most excited about for this year's inaugural GetFit Expo and what can you share with us as far as a sneak peek into 2018's plans?

LR: I greatly look forward to showcasing this incredible community at the Expo! The people I have met during the planning process, especially one couple named Aaron and Sarah (from FLEX YOUR FAITH WitnessWear), are amazing and genuinely care about making a difference in people’s lives. Discussions have taken place regarding adding boxing tournaments, model search, half marathon indoor race and an indoor Triathlon to the list of competitions in addition to massively growing the vendor space for next year. We hope to see everyone out at the I-X Center on December 2nd and 3rd (Saturday and Sunday)!

Be Inspired, Live Healthy, Get Fit!
-Lisa :)


A huuuuuuge thank you to Lisa Reau for joining the FYF Muscle Ministry & Fitness Focus! To all our fit followers, buff believers, and swole servants of Christ that make up our #FAITHfam and #GODsquad...until next time Armour Up and MARCH ONWARD Christian Soldier! [Ephesians 6]


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