Kara Sleutz & Her Journey with Oils

February 27, 2018

Inspired by Scripture | written by:

Neuro Nurse Kara Sleutz put her brain to use, and walked away from the medical profession...to help HEAL people!

Rather than mask symptoms or help people feel better temporarily, this is the story about a Christ centered trauma nurse that saw the light, and decided to follow

My Journey, by Kara Sleutz


Have you ever felt like you have a bigger purpose in life? That societies rules or what is expected of you just feels mediocre and not enough? That has been my journey, 2017 was a year full of transitions for me and I am SO blessed to where I am at today. My name is Kara, I am a 25 year old nurse with my Bachelors in Nursing. I worked on a critical care unit that dealt with brain and spinal cord trauma mostly. Since we were a neurological (for my non-nurse friends, it’s a big word that means “Brain”) unit, we also saw a lot of brain cancer, alcohol withdrawal, and septic patients.


I worked nights (3pm-3am) and I was very unfulfilled. I felt there was something out there bigger for me. I would go days without seeing my husband, who worked days. I would miss family functions, holidays, the usual stuff that most healthcare professionals miss out on. Even though I knew this was “what I signed up for” becoming a nurse it still didn’t sit right in my heart. The floor I worked on became more challenging, staffing ratios were becoming more dangerous, I was caring for too many people at one time and very sick people were sent home with new medications only to be readmitted a few months later. I felt like I wasn’t making a difference, I was treading water.


It finally all came to a head when, in March of 2017 I reached out to a nurse practitioner friend I knew inquiring about holistic alternatives for immune support. Flu season in Ohio is generally treacherous and I became very sick with the flu twice last winter, because I wasn’t caring for my body the way I should’ve been. I was eating healthy, exercising occasionally, but I wasn’t getting adequate rest or giving my body the toxin free environment it needed to thrive. My friend recommended a supplement called Ningxia red, it was produced by Young Living essential oils company and it contained AMAZING health benefits for every body system, but it was very effective at building a healthy immune system. I was intrigued, I purchased this juice and about a week and a half after taking it daily I noticed a HUGE difference in my energy levels, I was sleeping better at night, and I have yet to come down with any illness since I started taking it almost a year ago.


At this point I was ecstatic. “What else can I try that isn’t medication to boost my immune system and clean my body of toxins?!” Because with as good as I felt after taking ningxia red, I wanted to learn more about these little bottles that are becoming all the rage.


Thus began my journey into essential oils. The more I studied the research the more blown away I was at how God has given us everything we need to sustain life, if we are faithful stewards of what we have and respect our bodies enough to use what God already has blessed us with!


I was reading studies on how Bergamot oil was being compared with anti anxiety medications and how effective it was at supporting the body without medications. How Cedarwood oil activates the pineal gland in the brain (The gland that produces melatonin to help you sleep) and those suffering with insomnia or “racing thoughts” at night, used this oil and were able to sleep through the night without taking synthetic melatonin. Digize is an oil blend amazing for growing good bacteria in your gut, increasing the absorption of nutrients. How simply getting toxic cleaning products out of the home, was enough to decrease respiratory and neurological symptoms in many people.


This lead me to ask the question “what are we medicating, that could be eliminated using plant based products to achieve optimal wellness?” It was at this time that my friend had presented the business opportunity to me, educating on essential oils and making an extra income doing it.


I didn’t want to be “that person” that network marketing guru who lost their friend circle because they didn’t know when to quit being a salesperson. But I prayed about it, because this life I was now living using these products was so much more fulfilling, and I desperately wanted that for other people.


I eventually said “yes” and I was able to quit my nursing job in July. I now educate on essential oils and supplements full time, empowering individuals to take their health and wellness into their own hands. And showing people the amazing outcome that results from ridding the home of toxins (no more migraines, psoriasis that had healed itself, an immune system so powerful we combat illness effectively).

Since using plant based cleaner, as well as essential oils and essential oil infused supplements in our daily life. I no longer medicate for migraines that I had been medicating for the last 8 years (haven’t had one since July! Praise the Lord!), My husband and I are expecting baby #1 after months of trying to conceive, my husband no longer has to use dermatological medication for psoriasis that he has struggled with since childhood, it is healed. All of these things on their own are amazing. Together they are absolutely an incredible testimony to how powerful caring for you body is, not just diet and exercise, but getting rid of the products in your home (shampoo, candles, cleaners, deodorant, make up) that are causing you harm.


Did you know that the aluminum in anti-perspirant has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease  and breast cancer? What if I told you many of the lotions, perfumes, and make up you use has a high risk for causing infertility? Last but not least, how many of you realize that the candles and cleaners you use to make your home smell nice are HIGHLY carcinogenic and have been directly linked to cancer cases?


This is what made it all make sense for me, I finally understood why infertility was such a common problem now. Why I was seeing so many seemingly “healthy” patients being rolled in with end stage brain cancer, why it is a “normal” thing now to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.


Remember how at the beginning I talked about doing something bigger than myself? Did you know, the American Cancer Society did a research study and found that only 5-10% of cancer in the U.S. is genetically linked? Which means 90-95% of all cancer cases, is environmental. What we are putting IN and ON our bodies is so crucial! If I’m able to educate even one person on the dangers of toxins in the home and that results in cancer not tearing one more family to pieces, how HUGE of an impact am I making on peoples lives? I have seen cancer absolutely tear families apart, and the nurse in me always cries when I come to the realization that I am still saving lives, in a proactive way. BEFORE it gets past the point of no return, BEFORE people develop cancer or infertility from utilizing products daily that are harmful.


This, THIS is the purpose I was longing for in life. To get paid to better myself, empower others, and be a game changer in the world of holistic health. I am able to reach so many that I would never have crossed paths with at my previous job. Life is a journey, sometimes we don’t always understand the route, but the destination is always worth it.


“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you HOPE and a FUTURE.” Jeremiah 29:11


What an amazing God we serve! If my story spoke to you I’d LOVE to help you get started on your wellness journey!

  • You can contact me by email at ksleutz16@gmail.com

  • By text/phone call at 330-417-8760.

Visit Young Livings website and get started with a kit today!



Products I use daily:

  1. Life 9 probiotic: Has 17 billion active cultures including 9 of the most beneficial strains of good bacteria to promote gut health, immune healthy, and aid in the production of serotonin. 70% of the serotonin your body makes is made in your gut. An unhealthy gut leads to decreased serotonin levels therefore increased stress/anxiety/depression.

  2. Ningxia Red: A wolfberry supplement that contains many of the minerals and vitamins needed to support healthy immune function, skin health, hormone health, blood glucose levels, respiratory health, increase energy, and improve gut health.

  3. Digize Essential oil blend: A blend of oils that promote digestion, aid absorption, and promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut. Which results in, decreased bloating, decreased indigestion, and increased immune health.

  4. Pan away essential oil blend, Cool azul pain relief cream, deep relief essential oil blend: GREAT as a non toxic alternative to products like icy hot/biofreeze. Apply after workout to decrease muscle soreness.

  5. Peppermint essential oil: Apply 2 drops to the back of the neck just before working out  to put a kick start in your routine and get the most out of your workout. It feels very cooling and refreshing.

  6. Lavender and Frankincense essential oils: GREAT skin oils to promote skin health on the cellular level. I use topically daily mixed with coconut oil.



As a healthcare provider and after copious amounts of research, Young Living is the only essential oils company I am comfortable referring people to due to their high purity standards and open authenticity about how they distill the oils. Purchasing elsewhere may not give you the same results and could potentially cause harm due to little government regulation on essential oils in the U.S. The FDA currently allows companies to label bottles “100% pure therapeutic grade” while only containing 5% pure oil and the rest chemicals and toxins to extend profit so you really need to research the company itself before purchasing oils for therapeutic use! Young Living doesn’t outsource any oils to meet supply and demand and they never bottle oils if they are even 97% pure, that oil goes back to fertilize the crops that they hand weed. They also contribute to global organizations that rescue children from sex trafficking, the young living foundation sponsors 200 children to attend school, and provide food and clothing for these children in third world countries. So in addition to quality, they are very mission minded as well.


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