THE MUSCLE BEHIND OUR MINISTRY: Christ, Conviction, Clothing

March 12, 2018

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Christ, Conviction, Clothing: The FLEX YOUR FAITH Story

Thanks to The Repository, FLEX YOUR FAITH WitnessWear was recently featured in the news; we're building God's Kingdom one set, shirt, and SOUL at a time! 

EDITOR'S NOTE: What's up FLEXers - it's AAron! What a wonderful fun experience to be interviewed and photographed by Charita Goshay and Michael Balash from The Canton Repository. They were so delightful! We often demonize (excuse the pun) the 21st century media establishment for their anti-conservative anti-Christian sentiment/stance that has become not-so-subtle. HOWEVER, BECAUSE WE SERVE AN ALL-POWERFUL GOD, He is able to work all things for good. I strongly encourage and challenge you to exercise your faith and find your platform to let God shine through you. If you're not surrendered to Him, you're limiting what an UNLIMITED Saviour can do through you as you humbly submit. Don't let a Godless world silence your God-filled Testimony!


BY: CHARITA GOSHAY | The Repository


Not long ago, Aaron Smith was living the American Dream. He and his wife, Sarah, were young, successful and living in the suburbs of Columbus. But the big money wasn’t making Aaron happy.


Serving God does.


The couple are co-founders of Flex Your Faith WitnessWear, an online company that offers mentoring, health and wellness coaching, nutrition advice and a line of workout apparel that bears a distinctly Christian message.

The Smiths moved back to their native Stark County in 2015, and started Flex Your Faith in February 2017.


“I don’t believe there are coincidences with God,” said Smith, who grew up in Canton. “It started as a ministry platform to help people with health and fitness ... When my wife and I decided to move back home, God just really started working on my heart as I allowed him.”

“Aaron and I have always loved working together,” Sarah Smith said. “Flex Your Faith was a way for us to share our love for Christ as well as our love for fitness together. It allows us to be a team not only in our marriage but while doing something we love for God’s glory! We’re a ministry before a brand. He’s an amazing business partner.” Prior to his ministry, Smith worked in financial planning for an insurance company.


“It was a great career,′ he said. “But the culture of the office I worked in, you had young guys who were millionaires. It was a hard-charging lifestyle. There was a lot of ego and money to go around. But I loved being a bright light in the darkness during my time there."


“When you surround yourself with that type of culture, I just felt like my heart was being pulled in two different directions. I was joyless because of it. It was an intoxicating lifestyle. It’s very easy to get lost.”

Sarah said she’s witnessed a dramatic change in her husband.

“His last career was strictly for a paycheck and brought no joy to his life,” she said. “He felt as though he was providing a replaceable service that didn’t have a lasting meaningful impact. Flex Your Faith has brought so much joy and purpose to his life in so many ways. It’s given him opportunities to talk about his faith, talk about fitness, as well as give people advice on how to overcome struggles in life.”


Smith said his interest in fitness began in fifth grade when he started noticing girls, but was embarrassed by his physique, particularly when his class had to go swimming at the C.T. Branin Natatorium.

“My mom was buying my clothes in the ‘husky’ section. I’d ask her ‘what’s this?’ She shielded me,” he recalled with a laugh.

Smith embarked on a healthier lifestyle, which became a way of life. He and his wife became competitive bodybuilders. When he started an Instagram account to share his thoughts on faith and fitness, he quickly gained 1,000 followers.

‘Saviour, Spouse, Squad’

With no previous design experience, Smith created his first T-shirt “Saviour, Spouse, Squad.” It quickly became a great seller.

“It’s all about putting God first,” he said. “Everything branches from that ... When you wear it, people approach you. It’s a really easy way to tell people about the Gospel.” Sarah agrees.


“The people we come in contact with on a daily and weekly basis are in search of hope and a way to share their faith in a gentle way,” she said, “And Flex Your Faith WitnessWear allows people to do just that by sending a powerful message to the world around them. We’ve had so many opportunities to encourage others and be encouraged by others through our social media as well as at our events. It’s so cool to see God work in each situation differently and hear how the apparel has such an impact on someone’s day and in their heart.”

Flex Your Faith has partnerships with champion bodybuilders like Leila Thompson and several CrossFit athletes. Smith’s family owns the Bird’s Nest Furniture store in Jackson Township, where some of their “saviour swag” is available.

A national youth leader for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Smith said young people are seeking an authentic faith.

“Kids are looking for purpose,” he said. “Not just strolling through life as it comes to you.” Smith said there’s structure and simplicity in Christianity.

“The Bible is not antiquated,” he said. “God wrote the word to reveal the truth, not hide it. But you have to put the work in.”

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