UNREALISTIC REALITY: Why We Accept the Unacceptable & Reject the Essential!

June 21, 2018

Inspired by Scripture | written by:

The Christian Life is NOT a Conundrum!

Between THE ROCK & A Dark Place: Faith vs. Flesh

A brief illustration about why we regularly reject Godly gold for glittering garbage


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Have you EVER heard someone say "Wow, isn't Facebook GREAT!?" 

Nope. I remember the "glory days" [Ecclesiastes 7:10] when Facebook was a new and exclusive group comprised strictly of college students (with the .edu email address to prove it!) studiously wasting time in the campus computer-lab between classes, LOL! It was, as most things are in their innocent unblemished good-intentioned beginnings, an easy way to chit-chat with people you actually knew or at least knew of. There was meaning behind it, an undertone of sincerity and friendship knit together by the common thread of millennials of higher learning who were annoyed by all the annoying glitz and speaker-blowing glam of MySpace.


Today, some 10+ years removed from that short-lived long-cherished origin story of the now worse-than-MySpace money printing machine we can't seem to separate ourselves from, the presiding sentiment surrounding Fakebook is one of disdain, sarcasm, and aggravation (inflamed by evidence of illegal privacy-law violations and even blamed for contributing to divorces/adultery and suicide). Yikes...what happened!? 



Our insatiable appetite for MORE (in any flavor of "more" you prefer: distractions, soft-core pornography, political rhetoric that has been polarizing PAST the point of insanity) has directly led to MORE than a billion people (whew, still 7 billion who aren't using it I guess) are logged on, plugged in, and checked out of everything around them as they mindless scroll, snicker and scowl in random silent facial expressions at the vertically passing parade of photos and propaganda.

Is there a reason for this growing-out-of-control rampant loss-of-self-control? Well yeah, and like most things it was predicted LONG before Zucky Bergillionaire conceptualized the social media juggerplop (like juggernaut, but plop, like poop!) from the shadowy confines of his dorm room. Fortunately for Christians (or at least the sect of them that dust off and unfold God's original and much better "How to REALLY live a purpose-driven life" publication) NONE of this is a surprise...


  1. As sin-born humans terminally trapped in this fleshy assortment of limbs and levers called a body, we LOVE ANY opportunity to either preoccupy, promote, or pacify ourselves (or ALL THREE - thanks internet!)

  2. We don't wanna have a "left out" feeling (this has morphed into an actual psychological phenomenon designated: FoMO), because God hand-made and engineered us with a powerful proclivity to be social creatures in His image and FOR His fellowship (after all, it's not good for us to be alone | GENESIS 2:18). Our undying desirous urge to be a "part" of something bigger than ourselves is not only part of our DNA but internally-wired proof-positive OUR ORIGINAL purpose was to seek-and-solace in communion with our Creator (not our cellular)!

Sound familiar? Once we (mankind) became wrapped up in the chaotic chase for ANYTHING and everything outside of Godly knowledge and kinship, we rapidly devolve into a desperately debased hoard of zombies, lazily limping toward our next brain-stimulating meal of rotting foulness in a circular cycle to PUSH OUT the pesky awareness of God written upon our heart [Romans 1]. 

Recently I took a few years off Facebook entirely (not the "HEY YOU, LOOK AT ME" variety of leaving Facebook but rather a total cold-turkey uninstall and unregister thief-in-the-night strategy). You know what happened? NOTHING. I didn't miss anything, and no one reached out to me asking "Hey, where you been bruh, we all took a vote and we really miss you online, seems so vacuous and pointless without you!" In reality, the cascade of baby pictures, Minion memes, and snarky gun-control platitudes continued to flood in and out in an endless downpour of grayness.


After the hiatus ended I still haven't (and won't) install the app. While I was conflicted about signing back into the wormhole, I realized for every silent church-mouse Christian floating through life in a low-gravity malaise, there were 100s of bitter, enraged, and boisterously screeching atheists shouting (typing) at maximum-decibels like Paul Revere reincarnated "The Saviour's not coming, The Saviour's not coming!" Through prayer, humble heart attitude, and a long series of events that transformed the desires-and-motives of my heart, I decided to join again if only to sow seed for 5-10 minutes a day as a faithful farmer, using the tools of Satan to instead plow/irrigate God's gospel.


We've been genuinely CHANGED WITH NEWNESS OF LIFE & SPIRIT and should be willing to SPEAK UP AND STAND OUT FOR JESUS (sanctified or "set apart" living in this world but NOT part of it). There are untold scores of souls being TORMENTED as they race toward eternity frantically attempting to convince THEMSELVES (and OTHERS) THAT GOD IS A FANTASY so they can enjoy their lust, alcohol, lies, pornography, drug use, and profane conversation for a season. Their eyes and spirit have turned from the original plan of "be a part of something bigger than myself" with God, to a perverted deviation "being a bigger and better version of myself,"  with big bank accounts and bankrupt happiness, to subdue the inescapable truth of their erring way. Self idolatry. 


Thank God the desires of sincerely saved souls have been swapped out and upgraded from the cursed-calling of "more of this world" to "more of my LORD!" No longer do I wish to persuade others for those fleeting (and silly!) political disagreements-of-the-day that divide us today and are forgotten tomorrow. OK, we get it: Trump bad, Hilary good!


The POWERFUL FRUITFUL SEED of the GOSPEL is not our own to claim, wield, or keep as an unspoken prisoner of truth trapped in our mouths or an un-planted seed in our pocket. Let's drive it into some soil gladly and constantly in the hearing-hearts of others, and NOT be dismayed when rejection befalls our well-laid plans of attack...just KEEP 'enduring hardness as soldier of Jesus Christ!' [2 Timothy 3:5] When our perspective shifts from self to Saviour, we realize it ISN'T ABOUT US. As living sacrifices we've been HOOKED UP with these short-term bodies and minds with limited-mileage-leases. Eventually we'll have to turn our lease in, and appear before the KING to answer for our stewardship. Dings and dents are OK, but don't get caught riding dirty!




Social Media may not be the idyllic platform for evangelistic efforts. One-one-one Discipleship, conversational tract distribution and personal witnessing ARE! However, use the tools and talents you've been generously given, and DO SOMETHING for the One WHO GAVE EVERYTHING!


Devote and submit therefore to sharing God's freeing truth, and adjust your expectations and strategy to be aligned with His. That freeing gospel truth includes a hard message of repentance and separation from God. Because God is SO GOOD AND JUST, He must also judge JUSTLY. Before you CHOSE to receive Jesus in fullness of contrition (sadness at the evil we committed against God as His enemy) and repentance (not merely turning away from our sin but TOWARD God) allowing His Lordship over your life, we were "hopefully lost" as unbelievers unwilling to believe the "story" of an old book that describes a resurrection and the foundations of the universe. So be gentle, be patient, and be willing to fail forward into eternity with the Father, handing out as many invitations as you can until that crown-collecting and casting-away day!


We may fail and fall-short of our Great Commission and God's glory...BUT GOD (2 of my favorite words) NEVER will. So don't become weary in well-doing and do NOT FAINT IN ADVERSITY. Always imagine a bottomless pit your toes are hanging over before every step and breath you take -- GOD is laying the path before your feet and allowing you to inch forward at whatever pace He approves of and provides for. Don't run in front of God and certainly don't stray to the left or the right. God is your guide and sustainer who never gets better, worse, bigger, or smaller...He simply IS. ALLELUIA & AMEN, Christian Soldier!


Afterlife Afterthought: Does the surging tide of murder (abortion, mass killing-sprees, and suicide) have anything to do with our growing cultural discontentment fueled by the continuous chase for more things and less God? 


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