Faith That Can't Be Tested, Can't Be Trusted.

February 8, 2019

Inspired by Scripture | written by:

Faith that can't be tested, can't be trusted.

Does God give us more than we can handle?

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We don't have all the answers, and thank God for that - because what need of Him would we have? Although God is in the business of revealing, not concealing truth, He's also a jealous God who desires our time, heart, and fellowship. If we had all the answers, how often would we seek out the Answer Giver? 

The old adage "God never gives us more than we can handle," is a catchy poster or magnet, but the truth behind that bumper sticker slogan is on very shaky ground. We're often called upon to do, experience, absorb, process, and push-through more than we can that as we slide into the valley of life, we have NO choice but to run back to our FIRST LOVE! Saying God will never give us more than we can handle, is like claiming a battery that never needs recharged has been invented -- as long as you never use it! 

Our power supply is God, and the pattern He wants isn't for us to ring a spiritual bell calling upon Him in our hour of need, as though the divine Creator of our universe is some pocket-sized tuxedoed butler. He wants us to depend on Him constantly, which we can
accomplish easily in two ways: 


1) Read the Bible.


It's His word, and we stand on the shoulders of brave Christians who shed blood in order to preserve a copy of it for us to hold or download on the app stores [this = us HEARING FROM God


2) Pray without ceasing [this = us SPEAKING TO God] 


We can ONLY learn lessons through trial, error, and the *application* of that hindsight paired with the conviction of the Holy Spirit (it's a two-fer). The reason why we exist in a world full of bitterness and feigned confounded contention, is because without the Biblical basis of knowledge, wisdom, and the resolve to ACT upon what God's shown us (rather than run away from Him and His calling/teaching) we'll be left devoid of hope and destitute of purpose. No bueno.

There is so much simplicity in Christ, and the abundant joy He has in store for us...but we complicate things, thanks to existing in this soon-to-perish fleshy pre-corpse body, which beckons every moment of every day to "Honey I shrunk the kids" Jesus into a cobwebbed corner of our mind, and certainly never grant access into our hearts. 

Human nature, as it were, is in direct opposition to the Godly nurture we can accept, if we'd only receive Him. It's as easy as breathing the air He fills our lungs with.

A faith that can't be tested is weak. We don't serve a weak God, we serve a trustworthy conquering God. So next time you think you're being given more than you can handle, don't rely on cliches to console you, instead rely on Christ Jesus' conviction to LEAD YOU to the cross! He wants to be your defender, your advocate, your mighty and powerful shield...but most of all, He wants to be your Saviour. He's a good, good Father -- release your doubt, fear, and reluctance, and be loved like never before.


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