Are u trying to ADD TO God's blessings or ADD His blessings to your life?

February 16, 2019

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Blessings are all in how you choose to view them

1 Thessalonians 5:18 - In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you

 There's no need to ponder, wonder, or consider what God 'really meant' by the words "every thing," when He calls us to show and offer gratitude. Our human understanding is so narrow, often misguided and misshapen into some individually defined keyhole version of good and bad, we often fall severely short of God's commandment (not suggestion) here depending on whether or not WE ACCEPT or enjoy the current circumstance we find ourselves in. Did God ever...EVER...claim we'd be healthy and wealthy at all times in the Bible? Did any of his disciples and apostles end up in prison (countless times) and ultimately get hunted down and beheaded? Was Jesus Himself betrayed by one of His own followers? Have Christians been hunted and tortured for millennia? YES.


The shortsighted danger in that approach is that beyond being's also very shortsighted and dangerous. Anytime we exist outside of the lines God defines for us in His Word, we're increasingly at risk of unrest, disquieted solace we can only clutch and claim when we're abiding in (and WITHIN) our Saviour's love and directive for our life. As a matter of fact, the longer we choose to stay outside of the "God's will green-zone," we don't just risk disappointment, we risk death!


I'm NOT saying "If you disobey God, or refuse to give Him the gratitude He's due and demands, you'll surely die!" What I AM saying is that death comes in many different flavors, and NONE of them taste good (no matter how enticing they look from the other side of the glass in the buffet line).

 Death can come in the form of your ministry, your ability to positively impact people, your reputation, your joy that no man can take away, even your zeal to contend for the faith. You see, death isn't only the absence of a heartbeat clinically, more than that it's the absence (or abolishment through ingratitude) of the One who resides there spiritually. 

Did Adam die, choking on the fruit of the tree in the garden, or shortly thereafter (in the same 'day') from the effects of a poisonous reaction? Huh-uh. So, what gives? Did the Bible lie in the first few pages, or at best get it "almost right?" Of course not. Adam's greatest source of life, his ability to walk and talk with the Life-Giver, was severed. That snip of Adam's divine umbilical connection to the Creator, was due to his (and Eve's) inability to show thanks, give gratitude, and live in sheer amazement at the breathtaking beauty of the garden -- opting to sacrifice it ALL for a short sighted solution of selfish curiosity.

Whether you're in a valley, on the mountaintop, or somewhere in between...

 if you're abiding in (praying to, diving in His Word, seeking wisdom, evangelizing with those around you, giving glory and thanks) God, you're in a safe place. The day-to-day changes and situations of this life do NOT change our eternal assurance and acceptance by God if we've cried out in need and acceptance of Him. So be thankful, in all things, sickness and in health, richer and poorer, because we have a mighty and wealthy King, a holy healing Father, that will make all things right, and all things new. 

Don't add to God's blessings in your life, seek to add God's blessings to your life!


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