Sharing Truth In Love Is An Act Thereof Ephesians 4:15

February 18, 2019

Inspired by Scripture | written by:

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Hey, I made that rhyme! More important than anything I can say or rhyme, is what God said -- check this verse out from Ephesians 4:15 But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:

I know better than most how seductive it is to leverage passion to propound a concept with conviction. The line between advocating and annoying can be blurry, so how do we fulfill God's command to be single-minded and of one accord? The x-factor in our proselytizing is: love. We absolutely never have to veer from absolute truth to effectively reach and impact our circle, but that gavel of correction can be wrapped in velvet. 

Before posting or sharing anything, it's always best to do a heart-check,

before reacting to a recent gut-check (e.g. recent legislation allowing the murder of full-term babies, state senates ratifying bills that force educators to teach LGBQ etc.) to make sure the delivery method serves the intended end-result of truth, without the pitfall of finger-wagging at the intended audience. The quickest way to dismiss and dismantle truth, is to avoid confronting it by dismissing the proponent from which it was not-so-elegantly espoused.

Remember: while focusing on the barrage of daily plights and offenses against Christians at unprecedented're not being attacked, but rather the One who gave it all, to whom we owe it all, is. Jesus can handle the wayward wars of a Godless generation lobbing sticks and stones, all we have to do is endure and evangelize until we enter into eternity. Sure... abortion, sexual perversion, the untenable hypothesis of evolution and so forth are ALL sicknesses that have infected the one-race of men; but they're all only symptoms we should expect based on the root disease -- separation from, subduing the knowledge of, and searing the nerve endings that feel the presence of God.

We don't have an opiod problem, an adultery problem, a suicide problem, a homosexual problem, a baby killing problem...we have a sin problem, and there is only One way toward total redemptive renewal, which provides a transformed heart, and desires thereof. Christ is our cure-all, which is where we should point all people, so don't let debate become your divide. If you're going to die on a hill for a certain topic, let Jesus do it for you -- because He already did! Lay it at His feet, keep speaking truth in love, and stay true to your testimony as well as Jesus'.


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