God Will NEVER Curse Us | 2 Peter 3:9

February 19, 2019

Inspired by Scripture | written by:

So Satan's Plan is to Get Us...to Curse God. 


Although the FIRST two commandments deal specifically with God's holiness and our recognition and submission to His Lordship, cursing God isn't always as obvious as using His name as a 'curse' word or openly denying His existence. Like all things, sin thrives in the veiled shadow of subtlety, which not so ironically is where Satan has always clocked in and shown up to work. 

Satan is the accuser, endlessly revealing our sins against God before the throne, yet God is so long-suffering and immune to the tactics of the enemy, He is not willing that any should perish (die separated from Him) but repent (turn away from their unfulfilling life of self-serving) and receive the gift of everlasting life (not merely turning 'away' from sin, or turning 'toward' good-works to try to be 'better,' but rather turning toward Jesus and seeking Him in all your thoughts, deeds, and actions). 


Some false sects of 'religions' (btw, God hates religion) teach that God has only chosen to allow or 'elect' a chosen few into Heaven, either based on good works like some measuring stick, or a subjective number of people until Heaven reaches 'full occupancy' as though God could make a universe billions of light years wide, but only fit a few of His most special creation into His dwelling place. The point is, you won't find ANY of this in the Bible...but WILL find verse after verse pointing out that "EVERYONE" and "ALL" and "WHOSOEVER" shall call upon the name of the Lord...SHALL BE SAVED. These many infallible proofs (verses) direct from God's own Word, put to rest the horrible, heretical, and evil doctrinal lies that God has chosen some to enter through the gates, and reject others. The gruesome reality that misguided sad souls have perverted God's truth in wisdom into some "No Room at the Inn" message of hopeless no-vacancy has caused untold and unnecessary pain and confusion for men, women, and children diligently seeking after God's will and salvation.


Satan will always be there to try and devour us in our weakness, telling us we are good enough and that we can do it on our own, that we don't have a need for a Saviour. BUT when you try to do things on your own, it's always a dead end with nothing but heartache and more stress at the end.


The unloving lies of Calvinism and other mockingbird 'religions' that pronounce hell and inescapable condemnation on God's special creation (man) is a wicked wresting of the scriptures. The indefensible doctrine of predestination is a molestation, plain and simple. The only "election" we should be concerned with, is taking part to place Godly leaders into political office.  


You'll have no one to blame but yourself because how can you point a finger at God when you didn't allow him to take the lead in the first place?

God isn't a God of Sunday...but rather every day of the week, for all eternity past, present, and future! Take some time to get to know Him, because He desperately wants to know you, and have a relationship with you -- but He's so loving, He won't force Himself upon you, until you make the best decision of your life, and open the door to your heart. 


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