Pulling and pushing others down is easier than lifting them up

February 22, 2019

Inspired by Scripture | written by:


SAVIOUR SQUAD - If you're not using social media as a social evangelizing resource, the gauntlet is down to let God abound. Facebook and Instagram can be effective proselytizing platforms when done right (i.e. in love).


I speak from a place of authority, with experience years ago signing in and turning people off by leveraging this tool as a political punching bag that wouldn't hit back. Now I realize elected leaders change, but we serve THE LEADER, who NEVER changes.

 Arguing every 2-4 years about the plight and panic in America serves to frustrate and infuriate (especially when so many voters base their lever-pulls and button-pushes on emotion or party affiliation).


While most people use FB or IG as it's primary purpose (to waste time) by posting minion memes, spying on former flings, or voice aggressive opinions into the echo-chamber of their guarded manufactured reality (without being willing to say the same things in public or accept humble and honest discourse), we as Christians have the daily POWER in and through us to use what was intended for bad and boring, to bring God more glory!


Challenging others to receive the truth and gift of God for the first time, or exhorting established followers to be more godly and bold in following His commands (not suggestions), isn't an annoyance or a burden -- it's our calling.


Expecting less (or nothing) from those around you is an insult on their character and capacity for Christ-like courage. Don't wave the white flag on their behalf before they're given the opportunity to rise to the call of Christ! Nudging someone toward a life of joyfully fulfilling their created purpose as they confidently walk toward eternity, is a blessing! So think of a friend or family member right NOW, and imagine yourself challenging them to follow God's governance, not just flip His Book open and spoon-feed themselves, but to grow daily in His grace until they simply CAN'T keep quiet about the abundance of their heart, and the outpouring of His goodness!


They'll be glad you did...and will realize not only their potential, but also their profitability in the only thing that will follow us forever: Our use of the time, talents, and treasure loaned to us by the Lord -- we'll be giving an answer to Him face to face soon, and very soon.


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