Don't Mistake a Resolution for a Solution!

March 22, 2019

Inspired by Scripture | written by:

Studies reveal the likelihood for commitment completion falls precipitously, when it's grandiose.


Focus on a DAILY resolutions.


"Stop worrying about erasing and rewriting the past, and start authoring today." -FYF

Never read the Bible? Immerse yourself in a chapter a day, and expand that pattern into a habit that will lead you to a cover-to-cover reading of God's Word.


Never stayed true to a diet longer than a month? Resolve to pack your lunch for just ONE week to establish the new pattern. Take practical steps so you don't fail-short (not a typo, lol), like leaving your debit card at home to avoid the infamous co-worker pressured "it won't kill you" group-think attacks on your individual goals. Never invested a dollar? Start small with a balanced approach you can afford to set-and-forget.


"Although effective in extreme or dire circumstances, the Spartan / Viking mindset of burning the boats and running shield-and-spear first into the enemy's gates, won't be a sustainable or practical solution to your day-to-day concerns." -FYF


Share the burden or excitement of your goal, with God through prayer.

Personal one-on-one encounters with the living God, WILL transform your lame "best go-arounds" into "but God!" accounts of awesomeness. Find an accountability partner for what REALLY matters, rooting your life in the life-Giver -- and grow from there. 2019 is no different than 2018 or 2020; you can continue to fail, or choose (resolve) DAILY to make  change by relying on, submitting to, and trusting fully in the One who fails not.


Whether you're looking in your rearview mirror or through your windshield...keep your eyes fixed on Him!


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