What's Better...Mindset or Heartset?

March 25, 2019

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Closing out the first quarter of the year, how'd you do? Did you blow it? You kind of blew it, huh? I won't share the hope-pulverizing stats of resolution abandonment (my stance on resolutions has been clear over the years on our websites, podcasts, and here on Facebook). If you've already lost sight of the finish line + your clearly defined path toward accomplishing "_________" as the ball-dropped, you don't have to drop your aspirations -- rather, use that raw realization as your course-correction to find sure footing on your own terms (opposed to the generic "go" issued from a strobe-globe in Time's Square). 

What's better: Mindset (or) Heartset?

Inspiration and motivation are separate concepts, offering an opposed bevvy of practical utility, emanating from 2 different origins. The easiest way to remember the difference is IN-spiration comes from IN-side, giving you a natural boost from your unique hybrid of desires and devotions. MO-tivation is an outward source of MO-tion or MO-mentum, appealing to and capitalizing off your hard-wired inspiration.

Motivation is a momentary call to arms, that appears and vanishes with similar brevity. Inspiration remains, hangs tough like New Kids on the Block shouted, and has staying power like Barry White crooned about. The reason even the strongest motivation withers and wimps-out, is because it's an outward pressure, not an inward propellant. It's simple physics, yo!

There is one Force of function we haven't discussed, that makes these other 2 emotional-kinetics look like slimy swamp top-layers by comparison: the IN-dwelling of Jesus Christ (the living, breathing, saving Universe building, sin and death conquering Conqueror)! Why settle for less when YOU have the ability to rely on the Best?


We should NEVER make the grievice miscalculation that the Son of God wants to enter our hearts, just so He can be a cliched one-liner Tony Robbins pitchman at the hotel by the airport jockeying for his next Netflix special.


Tony Robbins is a self-consumed foul-mouthed inspirational wind-up monkey. By contrast, Jesus provides an all-consuming all-powerful source of sublime serenity and salvation we can use for good, which ONLY comes from God. 

While God isn't a pill you swallow to lose belly-fat, or a soundtrack you blast during your final set of squats or last 10 minutes of Zumba...He absolutely IS the life transforming Saviour who will push and pull you far away from the murky mire of this increasingly dark world (and from the instincts and heart desire of your increasingly dark ways). Unfortunately, we can't trust ourselves on the best of days, and totes can't rely on our hearts to give us purpose to 'live our truth.' Our hearts are deceptively wicked above all things, and our truths are lies and truths clothing we've manufactured to excuse and subdue our conscience/conviction.

So what's the good news? Well, it's found between Genesis 1:1 and Revelation 22:21, and it AIN'T a self-help book -- it's a Saviour Hope Book. You'll only "Live your best life now," once you stop relying on those bargain-bin copy-paste go-get-em' pathetic paperbacks... that broken system of your tried-and-failed methods should be swapped out for the One who faileth not!

No matter what trials and tribulations this short life brings, the victories and celebrations in your next eternal life are waiting, if you accept Jesus' gift. Jesus will heal you from the inside out; He won't mask your symptoms with a pep-talk at a book signing, promotional rally, or campaign speech. He won't ask for your applause, beg for your endorsement, or force your loyalty and fandom through the cult of personality and the tactics of group-think and prosperity jargon false gospel. He'll simply save you...from yourself.

40 WEEKS TO GO: Stop the epic fail, and fall on the Father, for EPIC SUCCESS! You CAN be GODSTRONG if you allow Him to be your strength!


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