The FYF PUMPcast is BACK, BUFFER THAN EVER! Christian Discretion Advised

March 27, 2019

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Today's #BUFFblog officially welcoming you to The FLEX YOUR FAITH PUMPcast - Buff Berean Evangeltainment! Our weekly Podcast series is a faithtastic show that was launched in early 2018, and we've got new episodes weekly in 2019. Our panel of crunk for Christ co-hosts have the 4-1-1 on crucial topics during these otherwise sigh-worthy lukewarm Laodicean days. Our Muscle Ministry's Mission: Equip Believers | Evangelize the Lost | Entertain ALL

Get those GOD gainz pumping through your veins with the energizing sound of our weekly podcast episodes in your ears. Our show's all about getting jacked for Jesus so you're always ready to give a cogent, compassionate, CONFIDENT Christ-centered defense and answer for the hope within you [1 Peter 3:15], as our cast-and-crew crushes it!

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March 25th 2019, FULL HOUSE Special CLICK HERE to listen now


"Aunt Becky's College Conundrum, Trump's Zany Zionism, and United Airlines Non-Binary Gender-Free Flyzone!"


TODAY'S special PUMPcast is jam-packed with pumped-up (and Trumped-up) propaganda from the harbingers of disinformation, the mainstream media - including:


1) Will uncle Jesse bail Aunt Becky out of prison?

2) What do the Lord of the Rings and Donald Trump's latest and greatest Israeli high-five have in common?

3) Why is United Airlines making waves, when they're not a lost-at-sea Viking Sky cruise ship? And...

4) What would our great founding father Alfred John Herbie Hitchcock have to say about this -- and MUCH MORE in today's extended-release version of the ministry medication you've been missing out on!


  • Laurie Laughlin: God bless America, and let the free market reign supreme! 

  • United Airlines' Chromosome Confusion: A pathetic ploy to pander for profit!

  • Muslim "extremists" still persecuting (read: sawing off) Christian heads: Nigeria and around the world in other sand-dune cave-dwelling regions where Mo's lackies wander for a new victim to execute...begging the centuries' old question: Is it "extreme-ist" or simply part-and-parcel of the founding charter their illiterate progenitor had his scribe scribble down (when he wasn't hooking up with Aisha)?

  • Inclusivity's unfailing ability to EX-clude (Christians): The illogical self-opposing philosophy of "inclusion" that vomited out today's multi-cultural landscape, and why it's nothing more than a uni-CULT-ural country of lobotomized lemmings. 

  • TRUMPeting another VICTORY for Jews: Golan Heights is smaller than Road why such a raucous? Because IT'S NOT ABOUT THE LAND! Every middle eastern country and Islamic occupied part of the map shows an unmistakable disproportionate stranglehold of Muslim conquered land surrounding Israel. The rightful, original, and Biblically promised homeland of Jewish people is an indistinguishable speck in the midst of the expansive Palestinian land grab -- thank God we FINALLY have a MAN in the white house who goes beyond weak-wristed vacuous words and platitudes, and actually gets stuff DONE!


All that and MUCH more, as we dive deep into the final countdown of 2019's Q1 closing, as we say "Hello, old friend!" to spring. Until next time, we wish you the same good fortune and good luck as Jussie Smollett (getting away with 16 felony charges after perpetrating fake hate crimes to promote the destructive deceitful political agenda of racism. If you can't beat em' fool em' by hiring your personal trainers to play dress up like Trump supporters and pretend to beat you up). Keep praying and proselytizing FLEXers!





Unlike the aforementioned Jussie "Eat Fresh" Smollett, President Trump was once again (if you didn't know this was the THIRD most in-depth wide-scale intensive investigation to date) declared innocent of Russian Collusion. *For every liberal not named Jussie, it's been a really bad week. TRUTH WILL OUT! The Bible really is true...those who bless God's chosen people will in turn be blessed themselves. LOL, the fake news can't even win when they lie. Awkward.


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