What is the "Goldilocks Zone" and Why are Scientists so Obsessed with it?

April 26, 2019

Inspired by Scripture | written by:

The funny thing about science is sometimes it agrees with the Bible, while other times it ALWAYS agrees with the Bible. Including the recently published article from the University of Puerto Rico...


[ WARNING - Facts, reason, & objective logic below...

Christian Discretion is Advised ]


Case in point: A recent statistical survey of 4,000 identified known exoplanets believed to be hospitable to life (and therefore habitable by it - based on the anti-scientific fallacy of evolution hypothesis), narrowed "life friendly" figure to 49 plausible life-supporting planet-candidates. Still, not too shabby right?


As precipitously deflated that number is from an odds-based perspective, surely a clever (and hopeful) enough secular scientist would boldly exclaim "HUZZAH!" at that sufficiently, albeit miniscule number, as being more than enough to breathe life into their untenable belief of cosmic "abiogenesis.” Biogenesis is the law stating life can only come from life, so their assertion of abiogenesis is the direct violation their own rule (and against all known observable mechanisms of the universe) see how that works? When a theory or hypothesis isn’t only lacking evidence, but rather is dismantled and destroyed by the evidence available…scientists just make up a new word or replacement doctrine with their magic science wand (all the while, wagging their finger at Christians aka: "Easter Worshippers" for supposedly doing the same thing via supernatural intervention).



Still…49 exoplanets friendly to life is like 49 attempts from the free-throw line for these men and women of astrology to build a compelling case for life elsewhere. Not so fast Mr. Darwin's Lackey, because upon further diagnostic review of the data, it was found merely 8 of those original 4,000 exoplanets truly exhibit the necessary (and rudimentary) COMBINATION of integrated symbiotic factors that even have a snowball’s chance to give rise to biological systems (even by our wanting and vague notions of what that even means – cause you know, we’ve never created life or seen it done).


But wait, there’s more! After a third (and final) more focused studious data-scrub factoring in considerations such as the planet's axis tilt and spin, ellipses around their sun (home star), and solar-flair variability of ultraviolet emission etc. the irrefutable conclusion was revealed:

ONLY ONE (1) of the original FOUR THOUSAND (4,000) exoplanets discovered and documented over the last 20 years of concerted scientific interstellar scavenger hunt effort, was truly able to sustain life...*EARTH!*


And to think, we don't even need a pair of binoculars let alone a telescope or satellite to observe and verify life on that planet; in fact, I can see it from here in my office! Wow, we could've saved those scientists so much time, money, and pencil pushing propaganda. The regrettable reality is if they didn’t follow this breadcrumb trail on their own, they certainly wouldn’t believe the “biased” or “layperson” convictions and contentions of the Christian scientist.


Facts don’t bend and cower in the shadow of emotionally charged worldviews where God doesn’t exist. Facts are absolute and unchanging…which we should expect and take solace in, because our God is unchanging and there IS such a thing as absolutism.


Earth, the sole focus of the Bible, and the soul focus of God, is the ONLY destination of creation in all Scripture. That sure doesn’t stop the men and women in lab coats and behind podiums in colleges from proclaiming their own perversion of the gospel though. Belief, it seems, builds boldness even where no facts are found. Our so-called featureless speck of blue, aimlessly floating in an indifferent vast void of cosmos, was originally and uniquely designated as ground-zero not only for life, but life made in the image of God!


After combing through thousands of other seemingly similar planets by compiling a checklist of atmospheric conditions, availability of water, gravitational pulls and so forth…Earth is (and shall remain) the ONLY sentient life-support machine in the universe, made in the image of God.


So why all the raucous, science? It’s quite simple: If Earth is so special, we must be special too, which gives credence to the infallible narrative of the Christian’s worldview and Bible. By proxy, God was right (of course), but if He created us then we're accountable to Him. Uh oh. Now they’re in a pickle.


When you dwell on these things, it’s almost as if the inspiration behind the Bible was privy to some omniscient awareness of all things past, present, and future! But strangely enough, in contrast to the validity of the Bible, the world points and laughs at it as an error-riddled fairytale written by unlearned Jewish farmers and sheep herders. Well, which is it world?


The Bible can only be the faultless forever faithfully preserved Word of a living all-powerful universe designing God, OR an outdated collection of fables and analogous bedtime lessons on morality as nothing more than a hoax to keep humanity in check.


The fault of mankind to believe and surrender to their Creator ISN'T DUE to a lack of WILDLY ABUNDANT evidence, but rather due to an EXCESS of sin and pride. That one-two combo gives us the caustic infection of self-assured willing ignorance, subduing the omnipresent thought involving matters of death and eternity as something that only happens to other people.


The truth God has seared onto our minds and carved into our hearts is both our constant companion and enemy. The lost unsaved world rejects truth in unrighteousness in order to believe a lie and devise a god of our own making, the lie of evolution, and the lust of life – graven images and idolatry at their worst. Don’t let the indefensible belief in a hopeless hypothesis of shifting sands suck joy from your life, but rather... 

"turn to the author of joy, peace, and your salvation, confessing and accepting Him as Lord!"




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