The Misconception Of Conception

May 21, 2019

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There's no courage in a consequence free environment, because evil is not empowering. Real feminism would never call for the abolition of countless other women in the womb, but would rather speak up for those without a voice in and effort to preserve the beautiful ideals of unborn women by defending the defenseless. 

Which part of abortion constitutes as healthcare? These "patients" as Planned Parenthood refers to them as, are only in these nightmarish forceps facilities because they failed to practice abstinence, or any of the other free or easily available forms of contraception and self-control...relying instead on free and easily available abortion. Rather than maturely weighing out the consequences of their sexual actions beforehand, or humanely and compassionately managing the effects of their choices after the fact, they rely on the murderous shortsighted self-serving solution of beheading and amputating their baby adding insult to saline injections by erroneously calling it "healthcare" by their own contorted and conniving definition. 


The most efficient path from "I want" to "I deserve" historically, is demanding it as a "right" under some obscure, unintelligible, and indefensible boy-who-cried-wolf echo chamber, until enough public sentiment is purchased and persuaded through soundbites, subtle shaming, and uncontested false, anti-scientific claims.

Pro-Infanticide advocates use a bizarrely twisted series of mental and legal acrobatics they've extracted from a derivative of the 14th amendment that speaks on personal privacy...while ironically shoving past ACTUAL documented constitutional rights as though they're wearing blinders on their way there.


Sacrificing children on the altar of self-convenience is neither a right, nor "healthcare" healthy / caring to the innocent baby. Ending a human's life and heartbeat is illegal in every other documented case and litigious instance in the entire recorded history of Western law (including murdering a pregnant woman being charged as a DOUBLE homicide). The inbuilt inescapable logical fallacy of abortion writ large as: a right, as healthcare, as an ethically permissible alternative to planned or unplanned parenthood or one of the biggest lies ever born. 


The misleading maligning mantra "my body my choice," is not a cogent defense of this lie, and further illustrates the emotionally charged shaky ground of the pro-murder movement by being void of all sense scientifically or practically speaking. The undeniable nature of pregnancy means it's NOT a women's body, but rather an entirely new, genetically distinct human being. The conception and gestational process is how we've propagated billions of human beings through time of the human experience. If babies were merely fetuses/polyps/zygotes or any other incendiary pejorative thrown about ad nauseam, unless there's miraculous invisible power-field of transformation within the birth canal that converts these indistinguishable alien lifeforms by bestowing human-hood, it's a human behind 2 inches of flesh and a human outside of the womb. Unless every pregnant woman whose found her feet in stirrups with a bloody brain matter vagina vacuum emptying her womb is a medical marvel with 2 hearts, 2 brains, and 20 toes, 20 fingers and a totally unique interchangeable genomic DNA code, we're talking about TWO bodies, so this can't be diluted down to any of the intellectually insulting non sequiturs of "having a bunion removed," (unless that bunion has brainwave activity, a central nervous system, and a heartbeat) But, those FACTS are less catchy and don't allow for things like emotions-based legislature, bumper stickers, or easily memorized picket sign screeching chants.


On ALL fronts logical, scientific, and legal...the abortion argument proves both untenable and nonsensical, clearly tantamount to murder in every last scenario we can conceive - pun intended.


Women, please seek out reason, compassion, and truth, looking inward and outward for a host of wisdom and available options, before succumbing to the only one with horrible and permanent consequences for the baby and for your peace of mind and heart. If you took the necessary steps to get pregnant, be faithful, act bravely, and loving enough to follow through with the amazing blessing of motherhood or adoption. Please don't be blinded into the false 2-choice system where you risk making the selfish haunting decision of being a murderer, when you could be a mom (like yours did for you). 




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