God Is Our Source Of Strength. Nothing Else.

May 24, 2019

Inspired by Scripture | written by:

While reading and dwelling on our 'work' (a visible external token of our unseen internal spiritual testimony of obedience, love, conviction, and overflow), two passages sent shock waves through me. Check em' out below...


1) Ecc 9:10 - 'Whatsoever we do, do it with our might!' I'm paraphrasing here, but "whatsoever" means everything; plus as we know from so many other passages 'we can do nothing of ourselves.' So guess who the Source is and always should be? Hint: It's GOD. Work hard and worship hard. Get recharged on the daily as only our powerbank Jesus Christ can do. DISCLAIMER: NO silly, you DON'T have to work to be saved or maintain your salvation forever (eternal assurance), or be saved every few hours/days/weeks as you build up "new" sin in your life. That's called heresy, and is 100% false and manmade, not God made.


2) Psalm(s) 127: 1-3. These verses are like rocket fuel, go read them in your Bible or Bible app. Each of the 1-3 is a "Whoa!" moment for every Christian; not one of those personal intimate interactions with the living God during personal quiet devotions, but rather a more wide-sweeping all encompassing and applicable YEEEEE HAW moments to invigorate your soul and spirit. In just 3 verses God covers:


Anything we endeavor in apart from God as our Leader, Partner, Investor, Ruler, Consultant and outright MASTER...is straight wasteful foolish vanity and will be a fantastically fruitless failure.

Our human efforts take us so far (and not even that far...when's the last time you actually accomplished ALL of your goals/resolutions/to-do's you wrote down?). To prosper BEYOND our rotten weak-sauce pathetic flesh, we need to abide (just like The Dude, lol) in the ONE that gives life freely. The Psalmist (usually David in about 75 of the 150 Psalms) speaks about how 'Rising early and setting a watch over the city' is hopeless without doing so FOR and WITH GOD. We can't be our own watchmen, we'll ultimately make provision for our sin, and fall back into the mud or head on back to the vomit.


LASTLY, gears get switched 0-100 real quick, and verse 3 talks about something as pertinent today as it ever was: Children are God's, a gift and praiseful 'heritage' of (and from) Him. It even spells it out for us that they're His fruit "IN THE WOMB."


Now all of this means NOTHING if you don't get crackin' and take action, ladies and gents. Don't forsake and fall away from enjoying your one-on-one time with your Saviour, fellowshipping with the Son before the ️sun comes up. Satan enjoys NOTHING MORE than for you to busy yourself with the junk and temporary filthy nothingness this world has to offer, rather than wrap yourself in the safety of Godly wisdom, protection, and profitable doctrine!


Editor's Note: "But Aaron, I don't have enough time to wake up and read my Bible!" Well, although that's an air tight argument... You can do 1 of 2 things...


1) Write it down, memorize and rehearse it. Someday when you're at the Judgment Seat of GOD, you'll be totes ready to tell Him why you skipped out on His commands, without skipping a beat. OR...


2) There's an app on your phone called "CLOCK." A) Open that, B) set an alarm for 30 minutes earlier than it was set for today, C) it's Bible reading time! OH, OH, IT'S MAGIC!




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