Work, Worship, And Win

June 5, 2019

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WORK, WORSHIP, AND WIN | Maximum Effectiveness in Your Worldly Work & Godly Witness as a Christian Soldier in Every Facet of Faith!


1) Prepare - Be BATTLE READY and able to withstand adversity and adversaries. There are enemies and opponents seeking to devour you, just as you don't put on one shin-guard or one section of a Kevlar bulletproof vest, clothe yourself in Christ (Rom. 13:14 + Eph. 6) 


2) Be Resolute - Once you've decided to engage in active combat, there's no choice but to soldier forward in your fight to thrive in your profession or your desire to foster an unwavering faith. God is our Master & Commander, there is no variance or double-mindedness in Him.


3) Observe and adapt - Read the terrain and act / react accordingly. It's impossible to win if you don't have 2 simple yet often neglected pieces of intel: The objective, and how to keep score. Learn what works, and do it. Avoid landmines (senseless ramblings, endless genealogies, and answering fools in their own foolishness). Reach out to your field commanders at work for best practices, and always seek to follow your General's perfect orders from His preserved Word...this above all is your calling.


4) Optimize your odds - Take full advantage of strategic vulnerabilities in your opponent's weaknesses and concert your effort there to expose and dismantle their chances of securing victory. Satan is a savant of planting seeds of subtle sin, driving small degrees of variance and division between us and our clear guidelines for effective battle. You must surround yourself with safety of wise counsel, Godly men and women who don't mislead to you by "tolerating" your intolerant sin that will ultimately be judged.


Lies aren't love.


5) Incoming situational awareness - Future moves and motives are always on the verge of execution and therefore should be adequately practices and rehearsed. Do you know how to stand out at work, answer questions about the Bible, or EFFECTIVELY share your testimony as an atomic power witnessing tool?

Capitalize on benefits below the surface by question-excavation; you'll be shocked how you'll advance up the rungs of leadership if you ask your manager for insight and pray to God for guidance.


The primary tactical advantage: An average order-taking order-following employee or Christian WILL make a very good living with a very good quality of life; whereas a good and faithful servant RESOLUTE & READY to answer God's call and perform at a higher level for the highest calling, will make OTHER peoples' lives AND quality of life...and eternity...better. Service is the sanctuary of success!


Jesus didn't only pay it all, but He laid it all before us by way of revealing His character and the blueprint for boldness in our witness. All we have to do is trust and obey, abide in His wisdom, and lay all of our sin at the Cross, and someday cast all of our crowns at His feet.






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